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  1. Goodnight. My name is Fernando and I am from Argentina. I am interested in buying a karambit as used in the game Splinter Cell. It’s possible? I have seen a very similar used by Kevin Secours. I want to know the price, and the various options of steel and finishes.
    Thank you so much!

      1. Hello,

        I am a deputy in California. I am interested in the Time Buyer as a gun retention knife. Could I get some information about cost and dimensions? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello,
    I’m a Deputy Sheriff in Texas and I saw the timebuyer push blade knife and wanted to ask a few questions about it. All the guys on my shift including my self carry all kinds of knifes all used for certain takes. We all carry the kershaw tdi ranging from their large to small size. But once we saw your push blade we all want one. Can you give me a size reference and what kind of stealth does it come with since it’s going to have to go on our duty belt/ inner belt. Thank you very much.

    1. Marshall,

      Sorry for the delay. It is similar in size to the TDI, but overall a little larger. The sheath can be OWB or IWB and we have a few different clip options. Most choose to go with an IWB Discreet Carry Concepts clip and carry it behind their mag pouches on their inner belt.

  3. Hi there I just wondered if you deliver to Canada or have any distributors in Canada.

    Your knives look great.

  4. Just wondered if you ship to Canada. Or have a supplier in Canada’s. Love your knives. Thx Edmonton alberta Canada

  5. Hi I am from Canada would like to order a knife. How do I do that as your site only delivered to USA. Also how do you order and get password for the special order blade. Thx very much

  6. I happen to live and work in that same large city and am very interested in your blades. Do you have a physical location for pick up?

  7. I ordered the ccw-L and was looking to order the ccw-L trainer with the iwb mod sheath but I didn’t see it offered separately. Is it possible to order separate and if so, how much?


  8. Just received a production CCW it’s great! Could I purchase a kydex sheath set up for horizontal carry?

  9. Hi, I placed an order a couple days ago but am wondering if I should have received a confirmation email because I have not…

  10. Hi I was reaching out to see if you do knife repair?I have one of your blades but dropped it in the locker room at work and chipped the tip.

    Thank you for your time,

  11. Hello there. I was wondering if you do ship to Mexico? And if i can get a CCW with super thin scales and the cost of it

    Best regards!

  12. How’s it going? I was wondering if you’re still offering custom options for the ccw and ccw-l blades? Specifically I wanted to know if I could get either one all blacked out with a false edge on top and a scalloped G-10 handle?

  13. I’d like to place an order for the tanto ringer, however I want the one that has the paracord wrap on the handle. How do I order that one? Thanks.

  14. Good morning Sir. I purchased a used CCW- Courses of Action Blade Package and would like to send it in for sharpening. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  15. Hi,
    I whould like to order a emergency shank 2.0-black and grey G10 handle. But do you make a sheath for a left handed?


  16. Do you have any EDC blades available currently.

    Really like the flaco ringer but would be interested in anything currently available

  17. I just received my Production CCW and this blade is awesome! Perfect EDC, glad I was able to pick one up! Any plans to sell some MilMak swag? Shirts, hats? Thanks!

  18. You’re out of stock on the CCW trainer. I just purchased a live blade – would love a chance to purchase a trainer as well.

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